Thursday, January 27, 2011

3 Months

 The big 3...Otto is so settling into this world with big smiles and bright eyes!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Oh Yeah...January

So January has flown by with few...or no pictures or updates on the blog.  I have some catching up to do so brace yourselves.
The first week of January Otto spent at the hospital.  He had not gained any weight and was actually on his way below his birth size so he is now porking on formula as well as nursing.  He is doing fabulous now and although giving us a scare is incredibly strong and a proven fighter.  Otto is already rolling over even though our doctor doesn't believe us, but I have the video to prove it.

Although just going on 9 pounds he is still irresistable to the ladies...

Harper has entered the t****ble twos (bad word) a bit early and has been spending quite a bit of time on the "time out stair."  Here she is berating herself for being caught in the act of "out of controllness" once again.

New Year's Eve was  a glorious 55 degrees with no snow.  Then January 2nd happened and we got dumped on.  Fortunately, we had some fun in the snow.

Harper loves playing in the snow...

...and grabbing it...

...and especially eating it!  While Matt slaves away shoveling.

Harper and Daddy taking a break.

Our local sled hill is way too steep for Harper Belle, but luckily our front yard is just perfect. 

We are still getting the hang of it!

Madison went on her first "date" this January. Her friend, that is a boy, and his mom took her to the Hard Rock Cafe for lunch and then to the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame for the day.  It was a very sweet day for her and a little bittersweet for me and Matt.  Matt was sure to meet him in the driveway with his bat...just kidding...kind of, it was a shovel.
Our baby is growing up!

Otto is growing up a little, too.  He is now sitting in his bumbo seat...


All in all it has been a blessed month!