Sunday, April 17, 2011


Our trip to Texas was so wonderful!  It was amazing to see all our family and friends and for them to meet our new addition.

Otto and Papa by the lake outside Kyle and Erika's new house. 

Our first stop when we flew into Austin was Maria's for tacos and second was Zilker Park to enjoy the sunshine.

We hung with the Bacoms for a couple of days and the kids totally enjoyed one another.  Harper and August were especially sweet together.

What a crew....

Harper found her newfound love of ketchup and proceeded to literally eat it with a spoon....gross.

Otto met all his new aunties!  They were all pretty impressed with one another.

Harper had to use Papa's hat while outside...she wasn't use to seeing so much sun!

Madison and I enjoyed a fab weekend with the girls and kids...

We let Erik come to the party, too....